3dcart vs BigCommerce

3dcart vs BigCommerce. When it comes to comparing shopping cart software in an effort to find the best shopping cart for your ecommerce website, there are a number of things to consider. What may be the best shopping cart software for one business website may not be what is right for the next guy. The type of products or services the business will be selling, the payment and shipping options needed, the customization options needed, and the amount of customer and/or technical support that will be required are all major factors to consider when comparing shopping cart providers. Another factor is whether or not the website is already being hosted or if the business owner wants to create a web store through a shopping cart provider that offers a hosted shopping cart solution.

The last two areas we will look at in this 3dcart review include customization and customer support. 3dcart offers tons of customization features for their shopping carts from using images, HTML/CSS, javascript, and flash to professional templates that allows webmasters to get the exact look and feel that applies to their business. For search engine optimization the ability to customize the title and meta tags for every page is essential. At 3dcart they make this simple. But the kicker to the whole thing is customer support. 3dcart provides in-house, non-outsourced real live customer support.  Average hold time for phone support is only 5 minutes. Ticket response time is less than 30 minutes. 3dcart also offers live chat support, video tutorials, forums, and an online knowledgebase. Just because it is available doesn’t mean it is great, but the overall satisfaction survey conducted about their customer service shows that the majority of users are either satisfied or very satisfied.

In this 3dcart vs BigCommerce review we will take a look at how each of these shopping cart solutions compare in these areas to give business owners a quick look at whether 3dcart or BigCommerce is the best shopping cart solution to meet their business needs. First we do a complete 3dcart review and then follow up with a BigCommerce review to see how the two compare. At 3dcart they are aware of what it takes to create a successful online store and they strive to provide all the tools one will need to sell any type of product. 3dcart allows a business website to sell all types of products from ebooks, mp3 files, and videos, to physical products that will be shipped to the customer.

Next, let’s review 3dcart’s shipping and payment options. 3dcart offers multiple shipping options to meet the needs of any ecommerce website. From drop shipping, and real time tracking and shipping rates to the many additional features like a shipping label printer and the ability to ship to multiple addresses for one order, the options are limitless. Our 3dcart review found an entire page of detailed features listing all the shipping options available. So what about accepting payments for your goods or services? With 3dcart you will have all the most commonly used options like Google Checkout, PayPal Express, or Amazon Payment Services, in addition 3dcart supports dozens of US payment gateways like Authorize.net and ProPay. In addition you will find Canada payment gateways, UK payment gateways, International payment gateways, like WorldPay, for other countries and other alternative payment method options like echecks. As you can see 3dcart has something that will be useful to any type of business anywhere.

How does BigCommerce compare to 3dcart? Let’s take a look. BigCommerce also supports the selling of both physical and downloadable products to support as many business types as possible. BigCommerce supports more than 50 payment methods, also including Google checkout and PayPal. BigCommerce has 15 shipping options that are supported including real time shipping quotes for USPS, UPS, FedEx and various other shipping entities. When it comes to customization and search engine optimization BigCommerce has a lot of options. The point and click WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor makes it easy to drag and drop and edit individual fields until your store looks and functions exactly the way you want it to.

The BigCommerce shopping cart software is search engine optimized by experts and certified by Aaron Wall, an SEO expert, ensuring that each online store is optimized for the best search engine placement. In addition to just allowing users to customize their title and meta tags, BigCommerce provides many additional tools and tutorials that an help every webmaster figure out the basic things that need to be done to optimize a website for search engines. From videos, webinars, and podcasts to blog posts BigCommerce provides a lot of useful information in regards to search engine optimization. When comparing BigCommerce to 3dcart in regards to customer support, BigCommerce provides live phone support from 7am to 9pm Monday thru Friday and from 9 am to 2 pm central time on Saturdays. In addition they offer numerous online support options like video tutorials, marketing videos, an online knowledgebase, and user and design guides and more. A BigCommerce survey regarding satisfaction with customer support shows that customer support satisfaction has gone from 58% to 87% over the past few months.

Comparing 3dcart and BigCommerce it seems that the two are pretty similar. BigCommerce seems to be geared a little more towards the beginner but 3dcart seems to have a little better rating when it comes to customer support. Both BigCommerce and 3dcart offer hosted solutions, meaning the website hosting is included, and both have a free trial offer that will allow customers to check out all the ins and outs of the software to see if it is a good fit. Use our links below to visit the official site of both 3dcart and BigCommerce to see which is the best shopping cart provider for your business website.

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