CategoryShopping Cart Optimization

Customizing your shopping cart software with photos, coupon codes, and custom checkout options can ensure your visitors have the best experience possible. Learn how to optimize your online business and shopping cart software for search engines and analytics to make sure potential clients can find your online store.

Using Keywords to Optimize Shopping Carts

Shopping carts differ greatly in their capabilities for search engine optimization. Newer shopping carts are search-engine aware and allow you to use keywords to optimize shopping carts. This article explains the basics about using keywords to optimize shopping carts.

Using Analytics to Optimize Marketing

Optimized marketing requires a knowledge of your audience in order to best direct your efforts. Analytics can help you learn more about your audience and optimize your marketing plan. Read on for more on using analytics to optimize marketing.

Shopping Cart Search Engine Optimization

Shopping cart software plays a major role in most online stores, so search engine optimization is important for shopping cart software. Search engine optimization, or SEO, allows web pages created through shopping cart software to be easily found by customers using search engines during their online shopping.

Optimize Photos for Fast Loading

Adding photos is important on ecommerce sites, but can slow the site down. It’s important to optimize photos for fast loading. This article explains how to optimize photos for fast loading and what tools are available to help you optimize your photos.

Shopping Cart Checkout Optimization

Shopping cart checkout optimization ensures your customers can easily navigate the checkout process, and feel secure in their online shopping experience. By optimizing your shopping cart you can increase your sales conversion rates, and repeat customer sales.

Coupons or No Coupons?

Online coupons can seem like an attractive promotion feature, but can also lower profits. Is it best to use coupons on a website or not? This article takes a close look at the pros and cons of using online coupons.