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In this webmaster resources section you can learn about ecommerce hosting, ssl certificates, how to increase online sales and much more. Website security is critical for any webmaster that is creating and hosting an ecommerce website.

Benefits of Paid Placement

What is the advantage of paid placement? Paid placement is one way to make sure one’s website is included in search engine and directory results. Especially for those who have concentrated on SEO for placement, this article discusses benefits of paid placement.

Online Store Builders

Online store builder software helps business owners create an online presence for their stores. Online store builders offer a variety of features, and there are many programs available for web site owners to choose from. Keep reading for more online store builder info.

How to Increase Online Sales

One of the issues of concern to many who have business Web sites is how they can increase online sales. This concern includes how to increase online sales of your own products and services, as well as increasing the revenue your own Web site generates.

History of Ecommerce

The history of ecommerce is short, but it is nevertheless interesting. Here’s a brief overview of how ecommerce evolved from primitive interactions to the sophisticated interconnected world of business transactions that we take for granted today.

What is SSL?

SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. If you plan to set up or run a business web site SSL is a term you will want to become familiar with. Using an SSL will help protect you, your business, and your customers. Keep reading to learn more about what SSL can do for you.

Shared vs. Dedicated SSL

When you set up your ecommerce Web site to take credit card transactions and other private information, it is important that you have some sort of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). An SSL will insure your customers know their personal payment information is protected. An SSL is also designed to protect you and your business. This article will help you compare using a shared SSL versus a dedicated SSL.

Choosing an Ecommerce Host

One of the more important things you can do for your business Web site is to choose the proper ecommerce host. When you are putting up a business Web site from which you plan to sell products and services, it is important to have a good ecommerce host. A web site that supports ecommerce needs more than what is provided by a free hosting service.