CategoryProcessing Payments Online

Processing payments online can seem difficult when people start talking about payment gateways, merchant accounts, chargebacks, and PCI compliance. Read these articles to learn more and see how you can prevent credit card fraud and ensure your payment processing is safe and secure for your business and customers.

PCI DSS Compliance

What is PCI DSS Compliance? If you have a business website and use payment processing software you should be aware of PCI DSS compliance. This article will review what PCI DSS compliance is and what principles are required.

Preventing Chargebacks

Credit card chargebacks are a concern for most businesses who accept credit cards. This article will explain reasons chargebacks happen and tips on how to prevent credit card chargebacks as a result of fraudulent credit card use.

Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud can happen to anyone. As a business there are a few things you can do to prevent credit card fraud. This article will review fraudulent credit card examples and how to protect against credit card fraud.

Google Checkout vs. PayPal

How does Google Checkout compare to PayPal when it comes to payment processing? In a side by side comparison, this article will review the pros and cons of Google Checkout versus Paypal. This will help you choose your payment processing company.

Best SSL Certificates

If your business accepts online payments you should have a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate to insure the security of your customers information. This article will review the types of SSL certificates, the security levels of SSL’s, and how to choose an SSL. Review

What is a payment gateway? How do payment gateways work? Why should businesses use a payment gateway provider? What does have to offer vs. other payment gateways? Learn this and more in our review of

Payment Gateways

What is a payment gateway? How does a payment gateway work? What can a payment gateway do for your online business? All of this and more about payment gateways in this article.

Why Accept e-Checks

One of the more interesting forms of payment now being accepted is that of the e-Check. An e-Check is basically when you deduct payment, with permission of the customer, from a checking account. There are a number of benefits to accepting e-Checks, especially if you do business over the Internet.