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BigCommerce Review:
If you are looking to sell products online you are going to want to check out BigCommerce. Our BigCommerce review found that not only do they offer every option you could think of, they make it fun, affordable, and easy to manage and use.

If you have a large business that does a lot of online sales and you are wondering if they can handle a business as big as yours, you may be interested to know that they have helped businesses such as Dell, Kraft, and Ticketmaster as well as tens of thousands of small and medium sized businesses, individuals, and schools.

As the folks at BigCommerce say "... the best software is the easiest to use...'If your 80 year old grandma can't use it then it's too hard!' They back this statement with some of the best, most knowledgeable, and friendly support staff you could ask for. BigCommerce reviews show that they have made it possible for the average business owner to be able to sell products online.

At BigCommerce they understand just how imporant SEO (search engine optimization) is and they provide seamless optimization into the software to ensure that your store shows up in search engine results for the keywords most relevant to your site.

The benefits and features offered by BigCommerce are just too numerous to list here. Check out BigCommerce reviews and then visit the BigCommerce site today to see just what they can do for you and your business.

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BigCommerce Features:
  • 60+ professional store designs
  • 50 + Payment Methods Supported
  • Upload an unlimited number of photos
  • Recognized as #1 SEO-optimized
  • Complete multi-currency support
  • Trackable coupon codes
  • Single page checkout
  • Improve conversion rates without guessing (Google Website Optimizer)
  • Sell physical & digital products
  • Accept credit cards online
  • Sell products such as apparel & computers
  • Full CMS functionality
  • Flexible customer groups
  • Per-product inventory levels
  • Configurable fields for collecting additional product info
  • Complete returns system
  • Sell tickets to events, concerts, etc
  • Import existing products easily
  • 25+ performance reports
  • State-based taxes
  • Full product catalog
  • In-store Search suggest

BigCommerce User Reviews:

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submitted by: Debbie - Apr 12, 2012

 stars    WOW! This year alone BigCommerce has added the features I was waiting for to move over. Their facebook app lets my customers stay on facebook to check out. They have pintrest, FREE applications, no hidden fees. I had issues with my categories and their technical agents were always available to help during the day. Only on hold for 30secs during lunch on a Friday. I sat on hold for 15 minutes with previous providers. I highly recommend checking them out.

submitted by: Ayden @ Look At BigCommerce - Mar 14, 2011

 stars    Hey I`m a very big fan of BigCommerce. I think their software is brilliant when compared to the others out there. The best features about it is the fact that they have the most features, and they offer some really impressive / fast customer service!

submitted by: Jason Marsh - Sep 01, 2010

 stars    BigCommerce is excellent, especially since version 6 came out a few weeks ago. Outstanding issues have all been addressed, just take a look at their forum. These guys know what they`re doing and it`s not hard to see why they`re growing. We`re a partner and get so many leads now we can`t keep up. We`ve had to bring on 6 new designers in the last 3 months to handle the volume, and speaking from a features point of view BigCommerce has almost everything a business doing up to $10M in online sales needs. What I also like is that if they don`t have something, you can vote and they`ll build it in their next release. Where else do you get that level of service and influence over the software you use to run your business?

submitted by: Mj Wilson - Feb 26, 2010

 stars    Big Commerce is AWESOME! I had a nightmare experience with Buy It Sell It (Talk about buggy, no tech support, nightmare to use). Also tried Volusion which at first seemed like an answer, only to find out, they really don`t support multiple images in listings. Big Commerce has been 150% helpful and include all the features I needed and wanted. You can customize your templates 100% and their tech support has worked through any problem quickly and easily. Their pricing is awesome as well. I recommend Big Commerce to everyone.

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