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In our review we will take a look at the shopping cart software options they have available. has two ecommerce options to choose from; the Website Builder plan that helps you build a website complete with a shopping cart option or the Shopping Cart plan that provides just the shopping cart software that you can add to your current website. is focused on providing the features and tools needed for you to build the online store you have in mind and they’re using only the best technology available to ensure that every transaction is safe and secure for your business and your customers. Let’s take a look at some of the shopping cart features and the benefits of choosing as your shopping cart provider. Shopping Cart Options

As we mentioned previously, offers two options for new customers to choose from. Let’s compare the Website Builder and Shopping Cart plans to see what each one includes so you can determine which option will be the best shopping cart for your business website. If you are starting from scratch and need both a website and the shopping cart software to sell your products you will want what is known as a hosted shopping cart, or the Website Builder plan. The following is a brief list of what the Website Builder plan includes:

  • 105+ customizable website templates
  • Blog, chat, video, and Twitter feeds
  • Search engine optimization tools
  • Online website editor
  • Online store manager
  • Website traffic statistics
  • Shopping cart software

With these basic web hosting tools, and other features provided by, you will have everything you need to build a custom website that has the features and functionality you want. Your website should be as unique as your business and provides the tools you need to give it the look and feel you want while keeping all of your, and your client’s, information secure.

Website Builder Features and Pricing

securenetshop pricing and features

Each of these plans comes with dozens of features so we will just be comparing the features that vary with each plan. To see a full features list visit As you can see, they offer a free trial on any of these ecommerce plans. The free trial lasts for 10 days and doesn’t require you to put a credit card on file at the time of sign up. The main differences, besides price, are listed below:

  • Diskspace: 400-1000 meg
  • POP email accounts: 30-100
  • Product catalog: 0-4,000 products
  • Email list manager: 500-1000 emails per month

Optional add-on features with each plan include:

  • Live Chat: $5 per month
  • Message Board: $5 per month
  • Chat & Message Board: $7.50 per month
  • Recurring Billing: $5-$180 per month, based on volume
  • Password Protected Pages: $5 per month Shopping Cart Software

For the next part of our review we will take a look at the shopping cart software. This is what has to say about their shopping cart software, “…[it] is exceptionally feature-rich and extremely easy-to-use”. One of the key factors that is somewhat unique is the fact that all of your account information is hosted on their servers and managed through online systems. What this means is that you can access and update any information related to your account from anywhere that you have internet access. You do not have to download and install the software to any device(s). The following is a list of some of the key benefits of the SecureNetShop shopping cart software:

  • Reduce Expenses: Save at least $500 per year because you don’t need a server, SSL, or database software; it’s all included with your SecureNetShop plan.
  • Save Time: Sign-up in minutes, nothing to download, install, or program. Online administration makes it easy to quickly customize all of your settings.
  • Fast, Reliable Ordering:  Fast reliable service backed by multiple servers with added redundancy and load balancing to provide the best service possible.
  • Secure Transactions: SSL encryption and additional security safeguard all information stored in the SecureNetShop database.
  • Add Value: Regular free updates are made based on user-feedback and the ecommerce industry so that you always have the best possible product.
  • Improve Usability: The shopping cart software is continually tested by a variety of users and usage habits are analyzed to see where improvements can be made to make the shopping experience as easy and efficient as possible for the end user.
  • Increase Sales: focuses on your customers and their needs so that they will be satisfied and keep coming back.

SecureNetShop Shopping Cart Features

SecureNetShop offers a plan the call the “Get-It-All Plan”, we’ll list some of the basic features here; visit their site to see a complete list of features, tools, and setup information.

  • Web-based administration
  • Sell products, services, or digital goods
  • Sub-user accounts
  • Free unlimited tech support
  • Order management tools
  • Digital goods management
  • Appearance and layout features
  • Sales reports
  • Order tracking
  • Upselling options
  • Gift certificates
  • Discount and promo options
  • 9 payment methods accepted
  • Recurring billing option
  • Sales tax management
  • Shipping management
  • Product management
  • Customer management

SecureNetShop shopping cart price

The chart above shows the pricing of the SecureNetShop shopping cart software with their current 35% off promotion. The free trial lasts for 15 days and then you can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annually. They offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are unhappy for any reason you can cancel the account within 30 days of activation for a full refund. Other Services

In addition to the website builder and shopping cart software, also offers merchant account services. The fact that they offer this service is a nice addition because you will likely need a merchant account to be able to accept credit cards online. SecureNetShop offers the merchant account with no application, setup, or annual fees. They say the merchant account will be ready for processing transactions immediately and they even provide a virtual terminal for processing off-line credit card orders.

Visit to see a full features list for each of their products and services. Give the free trial a run and talk to a service rep if you have any questions. You may also want to read some SecureNetShop reviews to see what their current customers say the pros and cons are.