3dcart Shopping Cart Review

3dcart shopping cart review

In our 3dcart review we will take a look at the shopping cart software and ecommerce options available from 3dcart. A few things 3dcart chooses to highlight on their site include quick and easy customization, VISA PCI certified security, real-time shopping, ability to accept credit cards, search engine optimization tools, and social and mobile commerce options. We will take a look at these and other tools, features, and benefits of the 3dcart ecommerce platform. We will also be comparing pricing and support options to give you a good understanding of what you can expect from 3dcart services.

3dcart Shopping Cart Features, Plans, and Pricing

The 3dcart platform has numerous options to choose from. If you have a one man shop with a few items to sell and you’re just getting started online you will probably want to consider the Nano plan. This plan allows you to list up to 25 products and has no setup fee and no transaction costs. The Nano plan is just $9.99 monthly or you can prepay for a year and get a discount so that the price averages out to just $8.48 per month. If you need to list more than 25 products, check out the other monthly plan options below.

3dcart shopping cart price

With the Mini plan you can list up to 200 products, the Starter plan allows for 1,000 products, the Professional plan has a limit of 10,000 products, and the Professional Plus plan does not have a product limit. Each plan also has the option to pay yearly, which discounts the price and gives you three months free. Let’s take a look at some of the features that are included in every plan:

  • Domain Registration
  • 24×7 Technical Support
  • 60+ Mobile-Ready Themes
  • 100+ Payment Providers
  • Bing Ads Credits
  • Facebook Store
  • Built-in Blog
  • API Access
  • Unlimited Hard-disk File Storage

There are, of course, dozens of other tools included in every shopping cart package including email, shipping and payment tools, FTP and upload services, and much more. Visit the 3dcart site for a full features list where you can compare the features of each of these 5 shopping cart options.

After evaluating the features, if it seems like 3dcart is a good option for your business you can sign up for the free trial and have a full 15 days to really work with the software and make sure it is a good fit for your ecommerce needs. The free trial does not require you to enter a credit card but if you are satisfied with the program and want to continue using 3dcart for your web store you can easily upgrade to any of the five shopping cart options we’ve discussed here.

3dcart eCommerce Options

Next, let’s take a look at some common questions that store owners have about the 3dcart ecommerce options. Several of the most common questions come from store owners that already have a website and want to know if they can continue using the domain name they already have and if they can easily transfer all of their store data to the new system. 3dcart includes a free domain registration but if you already have a domain name you are welcome to use it, the 3dcart staff can help get the domain pointed to your new web store and all of your store data can be imported via a standard CSV file.

Another top concern is security.  The 3dcart program is fully VISA PCI Certified with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. This type of security and reliability ensures that your website and data is always secure and always available to your customers. 3dcart also provides more than 100 payment processing solutions so that customers can use the payment method that is best for them and you can always keep their personal data safe and secure. Every account comes with the added security of a shared SSL certificate to further protect your website.

3dcart has an easy-to-use, intuitive admin panel that gives you the tools needed to get your store set up in a matter of minutes. The admin panel makes it easy to load images and store data so that you can customize your site quickly and have a feature rich site that makes the shopping experience seamless for every visitor to your website. You will never need any programming or html knowledge to customize your website; the 3dcart online store builder and shopping cart software integrate perfectly to give you a complete ecommerce storefront.  One thing we want to mention here is the SEO tools, it doesn’t matter if you have the best looking and the most functional store if people can’t find it. Search engine optimization is a must and 3dcart claims to be, “The most SEO-friendly shopping cart on the market…”, you can easily customize URLs, metatags, link titles, and more. Everything is mobile and social ready so your site will look great on mobile phones and tablets without any extra work and you can advertise from any social media site and easily link to the products on your site.

3dcart Support

3dcart customer support

For the last part of our 3dcart review we want to take a look at the support options. It is clear that 3dcart understands the value of customer service and support, they offer both a toll-free number and a live chat option so that clients can reach a support rep quickly and easily. There are several places throughout the site where they mention the 24 hour service that is available 7 days a week to answer any questions that come up or to help you resolve any issues that you may be having problems with. They are also there to help you migrate your store from another provider if you are making the switch. As always, we recommend talking to the support team to get answers to any specific questions you may have to make sure that their software and system will provide the best environment for your online store. With a 15-day free trial, you’ve got nothing to lose in testing out the service from this top shopping cart provider.

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