Volusion vs Magento

Let’s take a look at Volusion vs Magento to get an idea of the similarities and differences between two of the best shopping cart software providers. When it comes to starting an online business where one is selling products or services, using shopping cart software is one of the easiest ways to list products, show options, and complete a sale all from a website. When searching for shopping cart software, there are many, many options available and it can be very difficult to determine which shopping cart software is the best for a specific business. Once a business owner has narrowed it down to a couple of providers, reading some shopping cart comparisons, like this Volusion vs Magento review can help one decide which is the better option for his/her business.

Both Volusion and Magento are feature packed shopping carts. Both offer great product management tools, easy administrative tools, and excellent marketing features to help potential customers find your website. Aside from setting up your estore and marketing the website, there are a number of other things to consider when selecting shopping cart software. Some things to pay attention to include shipping options, payment processing options, and customer service tools. Depending on the number of products your estore will be listing, you may want to take into consideration how many products can be listed, how many photos can be upload, how many options can be shown, and product comparison features.

In our Volusion vs Magento comparison one thing we did notice was that Volusion has more information about security protections for their shopping cart software. Volusion clearly states that their service is PCI/CISP certified, this means that their service meets or exceeds all ecommerce security requirements to protect your website and your customers sensitive data to make sure that it is secure. Additionally the Volusion system allows for multiple administrator logins so that a business owner can allow multiple users access to the site, but limit the information that is accessible to each user.

Other features that Volusion offers include, premium hosting with 100% redundancy on all hardware, systems, applications, and data. They use only the best technology to ensure that you have reliable service and that your website is available and functioning virtually all the time. Volusion offers a design suite and world-class support, so if you are worried about how hard it will be to create the site to meet your business ideas or if you just want to know that help is available if you need it, Volusion offers all the help and features to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Magento features are very robust as well and they offer two separate plans to target the needs of either the small business owner or the enterprise size business. The hosted shopping cart from Magento will provide everything one needs to create the complete webstore, even the web hosting. The Magento Go plan is a turnkey solution that has everything ready to go. Choose a design template and upload your company logo then drag and drop the site elements around until you have the look you want. Take advantage of the unlimited customization options to advertise your specific products in the way that works best for your website design and business strategy.

Overall, both Magento and Volusion have a very robust platform that is loaded with features. Volusion has been around longer, starting out in 1999 where Magento is much newer to the shopping cart industry, with their open source version being released in 2008. The open source community version is the only version that is free but it can be used with any web hosting provider if the user has the knowledge and skills required to set it up and keep it running. Magento launched Magento Mobile just last year and ebay announced in February that they made an investment in Magento in 2010 giving them 49% ownership.

Finding the best shopping cart software will really depend on the needs of your business. Each has its strong points and both Volusion and Magento have the features needed to run an online store. Take a few minutes to read some Volusion reviews and Magento reviews to learn more about the user experience of both. Talk to reps from both companies to get a feel for the customer service and support options and then decide which is the best shopping cart to meet your needs. Use our links below to visit both Volusion and Magento, today.

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