GoDaddy Shopping Cart: Quick Shopping Cart®

If you are looking to create an ecommerce site, with an online store, and want the best shopping cart software that will allow you to accept credit cards, integrate with Google and Ebay, and offer multiple shipping options, GoDaddy may have the perfect solution. GoDaddy features the Quick Shopping Cart® in three different plan options. This will assure that you are getting exactly what you need to meet the needs of your customers and your business website.

Each of the three plans includes:

  • More than 800 website templates to choose from
  • SSL Certificate to provide security when accepting credit cards
  • Payment Gateway options
  • PayPal Options
  • Shipping Options
  • MySpace Ad Credits
  • Google AdWords Credit
  • Fotolia Credits
  • Free hosting

These are a lot of great options that will make your online advertising campaign a great success. They also offer a ton of design tools that will allow you to create a dynamic online store with all the best image galleries and page layouts.

The main difference you will find between the three plans is how much disk space and bandwidth you will be allowed as well as how many products you can list in your catalog. The Economy plan provides 50 MB of disk space, 1 GB of bandwidth, and allows you to list up to 20 products in your catalog. Upgrading to the Deluxe Plan will give you 1 GB of disk space, 50 GB bandwidth, and allow you to list 100 products in your catalog. The Premium Plan is the most robust plan offering 2 GB of disk space, 100 GB of bandwidth, and you can list an unlimited number of products in your catalog.

Each plan is backed with 24/7 phone and online support so you will never be left with unanswered questions or problems that you can’t fix. Use our special link below to visit the GoDaddy official site and see a complete list of benefits and features offered with GoDaddy’s shopping cart software. Now is a great time to start your ecommerce site and start making money online. Take the quick tour for a complete product overview, or visit some of the current stores using GoDaddy’s Quick Shopping Cart to see how it works.

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