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MONTHLY FEE  $19.00  
SETUP FEE  $0.00  
MAX # PRODUCTS  Unlimited  
COUPON TRACKING  not specified  
AFFILIATE SUPPORT  not specified  
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FoxyCart Review:
FoxyCart has been in operation since 2006 and has employees throughout the world including Australia, Russia, Pakistan, and in several locations across the United States. The FoxyCart team is dedicated to each of their customers and offers a free development period of their software that will allow you to test and develop your site to decide if this is the right solution for you. You only start paying the monthly fee when you start taking orders.

At FoxyCart you will have the ability to create coupons that can be set to be used a specific number of times or within a certain time period. The FoxyCart system is designed to be the best shopping cart out there; this is where their focus is. They don't try to be everything to everyone but have designed a system that will easily integrate with many other programs. If you want an affiliate program or analytics system, FoxyCart makes it easy to integrate.

Each FoxyCart store is securely hosted to keep your users information secure all the time. The FoxyCart team is dedicated to protecting all of their client's information as well as all of your customer's sensitive data. You will never have to worry about any secure information being compromised. FoxyCart is currently recognized as a level 2 service provider with the Visa CISP program. The FoxyCart team will always make sure their system meets the highest standards and is always PCI DSS compliant.

If you have questions, the FoxyCart team is available to help. You can contact FoxyCart through their forum, email, or their online contact page. They do not offer phone support but love to hear from their customers, even if it is just to let them know the changes you would like to see. Check out FoxyCart today!

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FoxyCart Features:
  • Sell tangible products
  • Sell downloadable products
  • Sell subscriptions/recurring subscriptions
  • Unlimited number of product options
  • Modify price, weight, or code with options
  • Coupon codes and discount options
  • Built for CSS
  • Use your own templates
  • JSON Cart Object
  • Built for modal windows
  • One page checkout
  • Returning user auto-detection
  • Ship to multiple addresses
  • Dynamic error checking
  • Live shipping rates
  • Custom checkout fields
  • Customizable receipt page
  • Customizable receipt email options
  • Full Google Analytics
  • Checkout at your domain address
  • Email sent from your domain address
  • Image cached automatically off your server
  • Manage multiple stores from one login
  • Full error logging
  • XML datafeed for integration
  • Many supported payment gateways
  • Shipping carrier options
  • PCI compliant
  • Safe Harbor compliant

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